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Coarse Description:

At Cooper Union in 1947, Heirenetta Schutz taught a 2 dimensional design coarse that used the Animals in Aesop’s Fables as a means of looking at spatial and figural concerns in Architecture.  These shapes were painted in black and white to show the potential in figure, ground, edge and frame.  Years later the same year student were taught the classical Nine-Square Grid problem. John Hejduk used this problem to help the student understand construction technique based on a simple grid within the use of drawing. This coarse looks to combine these two problems into one solution that will teach the student not only the issues of edge, frame, figure, and ground but also to expose them to more contemporary techniques in unfolding, part to whole relationships, texturing, and basic polygon modeling.  The Nine square Aesop problem is used as a pedagogical tool in the introduction of architecture to new students.  The student will investigate the part to whole relationship in different characters within Aesops Fables.   Each animal chosen will be analyzed and broken into their individual parts in order to occupy the field.  An aggregate of forms will be used to offer up a comprehensive new look to the ideas of Grid, character, frame, post, beam, panel, center, periphery, field, edge, line, plane, volume, extension, compression, tension, shear, etc. The student will begin to probe the meaning of plan, elevation, section, and details. They will learn to polygon model, unfold and texture. They will begin to comprehend the relationships between two dimensional representations, 3D printed/casted forms, textural projection, and three-dimensional (model) form. The student studies and 3d models his scheme in analog and in digital, and searches out the three-dimensional implications in the model. An understanding of the parts is revealed-an idea of fabrication emerges.

 Not John Hejduk

Caterina Covi
Nicolas Harry Decker
Patrick Dorfmann
Sarah Götz
Christine Antonie Hanakam
Andreas Hausberger
Josef Herzog
Verena Hornsteiner
Marine Lemarié
Stefan Maier
Moritz Meisl
Daniel Mühlbacher
Sabrina Neuwirth
Theresa Elisabeth Oberholzer
Dorothea Obexer
Anna Elisabeth Schreter
Pia Wolff

Gilles Retsin
Dietmar Koering
Daniel Koehler
Rasa Navasaityte
Spawn Spetch
Giacomo Pala

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